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Weight Loss Workout Plan For Beginners

by Darcel Frost

If you are a beginner, weight loss can be difficult and more importantly the workouts. It is no surprise that more than 90% of people who join the gym leave it within 3 months. The reason is that people begin with unrealistic high expectations and close to zero knowledge about exercises. Therefore, we have worked out a weight loss workout plan for you to consider especially if you are a beginner. Let us begin!

1. The Basics

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Before you begin your easy exercises to lose weight for beginners, make sure that you get a physical done by a doctor who provides you a clearance certificate, declaring that you are fit and have no underlying physical condition that could potentially be threatening. Furthermore, if you have a previous injury make sure that you consult the doctor first. Without a checkup, you are just putting your health at risk.

2. Start with Light Weights

Once you are in the gym, consult the trainer and communicate what you plan on doing with your weight. Then, start with light weights. Most people tend to start lifting heavy weights as soon as they enter the gym and think of it as an effective weight loss workout plan for beginners. Since your body and especially the muscles are not used to lifting such heavyweights, you can hurt them. Therefore, begin with lightweights and gradually increasing them as you process so that your body can cope with the changes. Furthermore, it is suggested that you perform as many bodyweight exercises as you can. Your body weight is the perfect tool for helping you lose weight. You can perform pushups, squats, and pull-ups if possible.

3. Keep Yourself Moving

Studies have shown that people who remain stagnant tend to gain comparatively more weight than those who are always on the move. Therefore, even if it takes moving an inch, you should keep moving. If you are employed somewhere, make sure that you do all the walking instead of asking someone to come over and meet you in your office. Incremental movement throughout the day will make a significant difference to your weight at the end of the day.

4. Walk and Jog

Your workout does not only begin and end at the gym. Instead, you should be walking whenever possible and jog as well. If you have a park nearby, take out some time to walk. Ask a friend to accompany you and make sure that you set some goals for yourself that will motivate you. Furthermore, if you could either take the lift or stairs, choose the stairs. It will keep your body active and help you lose weight as well.

Final Word

Losing weight and getting into the workout plan takes time and patience. Consider the tips and easy exercises to lose weight for beginners mentioned above to start right and gradually push yourself to the limit. Set goals every week and work to achieve them.

By Darcel F.

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