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Weight Loss Tips after Giving Birth

by Darcel Frost

Very few women succeed to shed their weight after giving birth to a baby. It expects that during pregnancy, women gain ten to 15 kg weight. It becomes a big challenge for women to lose weight.

It becomes a big challenge for women to lose weight fast, while she also needs the care of a newborn and struggling for weight loss. Most bodyweight is due to fat around her belly—no need to worry. We will teach you some best exercises to lose belly fat fast.

What are helpful tips for weight loss after giving birth?

Here are some simple tips to lose weight after giving birth.


Exercise is one of the effective ways to lose weight after giving birth. It would help if you mainly concentrated on losing your belly fat. There are many exercises such as crunches, walking, cycling, aerobics and vertical leg exercise that help shed fats around your belly.

Eat healthy foods

You cannot reduce your meals because you also need the energy to feed your baby and take care of your baby. But you can use some alternative ways that not only fuel up you but also shed your weight. You should skip off fats and sugary foods from your meals and add proteins, vitamins and fibers rich foods. Do not overeat at a time. Take small meals 5 to 6 times a day. It will help you to lose weight due to fewer amounts of calories at a time.

Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding is also an excellent way to lose weight. When you feed your baby, you do not want to reduce your weight fast because it will also affect your milk production. Breastfeeding is also an excellent way to burn calories. You burn calories that reduce your weight up to 600 to 700 grams in a week with breastfeeding.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol provides extra calories and if you are struggling to weight loss after giving birth, then avoids alcohol to maintain the calories level in your body. If you are addicted and cannot leave it entirely, take very few alcohol amounts once a week.

Take help from the internet.

Internet is the solution to every problem. Now you do not need to go to the experts or gym trainers to learn how to make plans to weight loss. YouTube and Google can help you to find many ways to lose weight after giving birth. You can search for videos or apps for female weight loss workout plans for beginners and can get the best videos for you.

Be committed

The first four to six weeks are essential for you to lose weight. So make a 4-week workout plan for weight loss and be committed to that plan. Only strict programs can help you to reduce your weight. If you are serious, then there are more chances that you will lose weight within the first four weeks after delivery.

Final Thoughts:

Weight gain during pregnancy is typical and becomes a big challenge for women to reduce their weight after pregnancy. But some simple tips can help you in a significant way, and you can reduce your most weight within 4 to 6 weeks.

By Darcel F.


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