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6 disadvantages of extreme diets

by Darcel Frost

Beyond the well-known rebound effect, extreme diets can pose a risk to our health, since they do not provide us with all the nutrients we need

The search for remedies to  lose weight can sometimes lead us to make poor decisions. Believe it or not, the internet and the suggestions of non-experts can lead to serious health problems . In this case, we are talking about extreme diets. Yes, those that suggest you avoid food groups, that promise great benefits without effort and that seem harmless at first glance.

Before following a diet, it  is important to go to professionals in the area of nutrition and perform the necessary tests. If you are not very clear why you should consult an expert, review the negative effects of extreme diets:

1. Metabolic imbalance

There are extreme diets that consist of completely eliminating food groups, such as carbohydrates or fats. These sudden changes can completely modify your metabolism . Remember that, right now, your body is used to consuming a certain amount of vitamins and minerals. Of that total, discard another part and save or use what you need.

  • The problem with eliminating a food group is that those elements are not replaced, but your body still needs them .
  • What you should do is go to your nutritionist so that he can indicate the changes and adjustments that you should make.

2. Unnecessary weight loss

When little or no physics is done, the body is possibly shaped strangely . This can be interpreted as being overweight, and because of this you may feel the desire to go on a strict diet to lose those “extra pounds”, because that is what your eyes show you.

It is necessary to assist with a specialist. You cannot establish whether it is obesity or body mismanagement of excess muscle mass with the naked eye.  For this, there is an easy way to determine it quickly: measure yourself and weigh yourself.

  • With these data, your doctor or nutritionist  will evaluate your body mass index and will indicate your ideal weight range.
  • Depending on what the result marks, the professional will determine how many kilos should be lost .

If the necessary precautions are not taken, weight loss could cause problems such as continued weakness and exhaustion. In most cases, it is not necessary to follow extreme diets as it is enough to do some specific exercises and reduce the consumption of certain foods .

3. Loss of necessary nutrients

One of the great disadvantages of extreme diets is that, in most cases, they simply eliminate food groups without considering your blood levels.  This means that they eliminate nutrients and cause side effects in case you maintain the deficiency of that nutrient for a long time without replacing it.

If these diets lead you to have very low cholesterol , you can present:

  • An increased risk of cancer .
  • Effects on heart health.
  • Depression .

4. Low in defenses

A sudden and radical change in diet affects the body and represents a health risk.  If you are not physically prepared, your body will start consuming its natural antibiotics to replace the minerals that are no longer entering , thus weakening the immune system.

The most recurrent thing is that, a few days after starting the diet, a fever or a very strong flu begins , which may not fight until you start eating properly.

5. The results will not be as expected

No extreme diet that promises to lose noticeable weight in less than a month has real scientific basis. Of course, you can notice a considerable weight reduction if you stop eating, but the results, in this case, will not be real or long-lasting . 

Any nutritionist will tell you that it takes at least a couple of months to notice the first results of the diet on a physical level . These changes are usually in health and with a sense of well-being. 

Although it can be very tempting to go on extreme diets for the benefits they promise, it is important that you do not get carried away by testimonials , photos and videos alone.

What you really should be looking for is scientific data or directly asking your nutritionist about the feasibility of such a regimen .

6. Extreme weakness

The most noticeable result of strict diets is the loss of energy. It’s not uncommon to hear from someone you know who simply doesn’t have the strength to deal with their daily routine or can’t exercise.

  • In a supervised diet, health benefits and an improvement in lifestyle are achieved that last over time .
  • On the other hand, extreme diets only lead to lose heart to perform any activity.

Remember that even if your diet is based on green vegetables, you could take risks by not including all the food groups . Even those elements that we see as negative are necessary to maintain health, for example, fats .

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