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7 myths about healthy eating

by Darcel Frost

Did you know that whole wheat and white bread have the same calories? The difference is that the whole wheat has more fiber and helps us regulate intestinal transit

Everyone has the purpose of taking care of themselves as much as possible to follow a healthy diet. For this we try to follow a series of recommendations that are not always true.

Pay attention to these myths about what would be a healthy diet that are not true. Keep reading!

7 myths about healthy eating

1. The time to have dinner

Everyone knows that dinner has to be the lightest meal of the day. Soon we will go to bed and we must not provide the body with more energy than it will use. However, it is not true that nothing should be eaten after six in the afternoon.

The solution? The most recommended and that it is a true statement is to have dinner about three hours before going to bed. This gives the metabolism time to digest and we will fall asleep much better, among other benefits.

2. What bread is healthier?

Much has been said about rye and whole wheat bread and its low calorie intake . Especially when compared to the more traditional white plan. Well, the truth is that both types of bread have the same calories , so there is not one that is less fattening.

Of course, wholemeal or rye bread has a greater amount of fiber due to the type of cereal with which it is made. Therefore, if what you are looking for is to regulate intestinal transit, it can be a good solution. However, we must know that the caloric intake is identical.

3. Sushi is low in calories

Being a food made from boiled products, in the case of rice, and without cooking, such as fish or vegetables, many believe that sushi is a healthy food and low in calories. But the truth is that it is not entirely so.

Sushi contains ingredients such as cheese, mayonnaise, and soy sauce , among others. These make these rice bites not low in calories. Therefore, if you think that sushi is a type of food allowed in any diet, you are wrong.

4. Chocolate does not make you fat

Chocolate is a caloric product and rich in sugar. However, consumed in small doses it does not have to make you fat.

The trick? Eat a square of pure chocolate a day . If we take this amount we will give our body the amount of sugar it needs and we will not gain weight.

Of course, it is important that the chocolate is as pure as possible and not refined. We will have to avoid that it is more processed and, therefore, it has more quantity of colorants, preservatives and sugars. These are the ones that harm the metabolism and are not healthy.

5. Skipping meals is the best diet

Not eating a meal will not help you lose weight , maybe even the opposite. The key is in how much you eat and not how often you do it. In addition, you must be careful because if you arrive very hungry to the next meal it can be worse.

The best thing is that you do, if possible, the five meals of the day , following a healthy and balanced diet at all times. With this simple trick you will be able to stay at your ideal weight. Do not snack between meals and take proportionate portions.

6. Drink two liters of water a day

Each person needs an amount of liquid . Therefore, it is not an obligation to drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water every day.

The key is to drink whenever you win. If the body asks you to, it is because you need it, so you will have to hydrate at that time.

Drinking excessively is not good, because it overwork the kidney . So it is best not to think about a daily amount and quench your thirst the moment you have it. Not all people require the same amount of fluids per day.

7. Olive oil and calories

Something similar happens with olive oil to what happens with whole wheat bread. Virgin olive oil has no fewer calories than sunflower oil. And that is something important that must be taken into account, since there are many people who think so.

However, it is true that it is a purer oil and, therefore, healthier , besides having a richer flavor. A perfect ingredient in a healthy diet.

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