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How to care for chapped hands: 10 recommendations

by Darcel Frost

Neglecting chapped hands can lead to infections and premature aging. Therefore, it is essential to protect them against aggressions and use moisturizing treatments.

There are some basic recommendations for caring for chapped hands without the need for expensive treatments.

The skin of the hands does not differ much from that of the rest of the body. However, it requires more attention due to its permanent contact with various surfaces. In addition, it must be taken into account that they are used excessively in many activities, without using any type of protector .

Therefore, any signs of cracks or dehydration must be attended to in a special way. Indeed, although at first it may seem something “harmless”, it can lead to the appearance of infections , irritation and other uncomfortable symptoms that are more difficult to treat.

You already know what to do? Take aim!

1. Wash them with lukewarm water

Keeping your hands clean and disinfected is an essential habit to avoid infection. However, when it comes to caring for chapped hands, it is best to do it moderately, using warm water and mild soap .

Although hot water reduces the presence of germs, its use is discouraged because it worsens dryness. Nor should you use antibacterial liquid soap, as it eliminates the “good” bacteria that protect the skin.

2. Wear protective gloves

The best allies to prevent the appearance of cracks and attacks on the hands are latex gloves for grooming. These elements, which are usually very inexpensive, avoid direct contact with the chemicals in cleaning products .

In addition, they prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on the skin’s surface. Indeed, although many ignore it, they are responsible for some cases of dryness and infections.

3. Wrap your hands

One of the most common triggers for hand cracks is cold. Low temperatures affect circulation and lead to dehydration. Therefore, to deal with this problem, it is best to use wool gloves or special coats.

4. Apply exfoliating products

The grainy texture of the exfoliating products allows to remove the dead cells that accumulate on the hands. Because of this, they are useful for caring for chapped and dry hands.

In addition, to achieve better results it is recommended to choose those that contain oils .

5. Use sunscreen

The use of sunscreen is essential to take care of chapped hands. In fact, it is not necessary to have any skin problems to start using it . Indeed, as is known, this product can reduce the aggressions of UV rays on the skin.

6. Hydrate them inside and out

Hydration of the hands is as important as that of other areas of the body. Therefore, if you suffer from dryness, cracks or any imperfection, it is essential to increase your water consumption and use moisturizing creams.

In this way, we will help revitalize the skin and reduce the risk of infections and premature aging .

7. Give them night care

Some nighttime habits speed up the recovery process for dry, chapped hands. For example, applying petroleum jelly or almond oil  can superimpose the essential fats responsible for its moisturization.

In addition, exclusive hand treatments are available that, used before bed, prevent wrinkles and blemishes.

8. Apply a massage

The application of massages is a habit that does not require much time and that brings interesting benefits. Allows to stimulate circulation for better oxygenation and repair of cells .

On the other hand, its effects are even greater when it is complemented with relaxing and moisturizing oils.

9. Use aloe vera gel

The gel contained in aloe vera leaves is perhaps the most popular ingredient in natural medicine to improve skin . Due to its high content of water, antioxidants, and antimicrobial compounds, it is excellent for caring for chapped hands.

Its direct application favors the hydration of dry tissues and stops the growth of bacteria. In the same way, it can  promote the healing process and reduce the presence of spots and small imperfections.

10. Get a calendula cream

On the one hand, calendula cream concentrates antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds that prevent infection and irritation. And, on the other, it is also healing and its essential oils deeply moisturize the skin to accelerate its healing.

Currently, it can be purchased in herbal stores or pharmacies. Also, optionally, you can use the ointment made at home .

Are your hands rough or chapped? Do not hesitate to follow these recommendations. Remember that, although it seems unimportant, neglecting these problems has other consequences . So be sure to take action as soon as possible.

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