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What to do if my child breaks a tooth?

by Darcel Frost

Are you worried about your child’s teeth? Read the article and find out how you can help him if he breaks a tooth.

If my child breaks a tooth, what can I do as a mom? If you are asking yourself that question, this article is for you.

Young children are extremely prone to accidents. Both at school and at home these events can occur. Denture accidents are common and that is why you should know how to react to them .

Tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in the body. Children usually reach, on average, the order of 20 pieces of milk.

In addition, you must be attentive to the oral hygiene of your little one . This way your “baby” teeth will always be clean and healthy. This way you will create the habit of brushing, and when he grows up, he can take care of the health of his teeth.

My son breaks a tooth: different causes

If there is bleeding, the first thing you should do is clean the area so that you can accurately assess the site of the injury.

To do this, prepare a glass of water and salt, then give it to your child to rinse his mouth . Water can help create vasoconstriction and stop bleeding, in addition to cleaning the gums.

Once the area is clean, you can more easily examine where the damage is. Take into account that the upper central incisors are the teeth most prone to accidents , as they are located in front of the jaw. Therefore, you should check those teeth more carefully.

The best thing, if there is any dental loss related to a trauma, is to go to the dentist to evaluate the degree of the injury.

1. What to do if my child breaks a tooth when he falls?

We are all exposed to stumbling blocks throughout our lives . If your child breaks a tooth as a result of these types of accidents , you need to take steps to prevent other dental problems.

It is important for you to know that when a tooth breaks, even if it is made from milk, the inside of the tooth is exposed to different risks such as infections or cavities . When this happens, it is essential to go to the dentist as soon as possible to avoid greater evils.

2. What to do if my child breaks a tooth while eating?

Experts say that when a tooth breaks when eating something, it is because the injury was already started.

Some habits like chewing pencils and chewing ice make tooth enamel weaker and more susceptible to breaking .

Make sure your child does not put hard objects in his mouth and take him to a dental check-up at least twice a year .

The doctor must verify with physical evaluation and X-rays that your little one’s teeth are healthy and without any type of cracks.

3. What to do if my child breaks a tooth due to weak teeth?

Your child may have cavities from an early age. In some cases, when the baby’s first milk teeth appear, they may have some white spots.

This particularity represents an alarm that indicates that you should have better hygiene in your child’s teeth. Well, it means that your tooth enamel is weak.

You should be rigid with daily cleaning between meals, so that your child gets into the habit of cleaning routinely and permanently . Explain that teeth are a set of bones that require a lot of care.

How to replace the broken tooth?

Treatment will depend on the severity of the damage caused by the accident. It also influences whether the compromised teeth are bone or milk teeth.

If it’s milk

If your child has a broken baby tooth, the body will naturally perform the replacement . This is a resorption process that is generated in the roots of the baby tooth, which are weakened by the pressure exerted by the permanent teeth when they emerge.

If your child has broken a baby tooth, be calm . In a short time the part will be replaced. You just have to maintain strict hygiene to avoid some type of infection or tooth decay.

If it is permanent

Generally, a child loses permanent teeth as a result of trauma. When this happens, go to the dentist immediately .

The procedure that must be carried out is to reimplant the tooth in its space. This will try to recover the place of the piece.

If it cannot be reimplanted, the ideal is to place a piece called “space maintainer” . This device consists of a metal band that keeps the other teeth apart, thus avoiding distortion of the jaw .


The teeth are a fairly delicate bone structure . Among its functions, it is chewing food, protecting your gums and even modulating words.

Therefore, it is essential that you teach your child the importance of keeping them clean. By shedding all your baby teeth, you will run out of spare teeth and have only one denture for the rest of your life.

Make the hygiene routine enjoyable . Buy a toothbrush in her favorite color and use flavored toothpaste.

If your child feels that it is a fun time, he will make a habit of it in no time. To prevent him from doing it in a hasty and careless way, you can put in his favorite song. Thus, you will make him enjoy brushing, he will love it.

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