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It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop! Rather taking the journey alone or with someone by your side.  We give you tips on how to create a  goal for yourself and stick to it. Weight Loss is a life style change that is meant to help you look and feel better about YOU!  Today I have lost more then 50lbs to meeting my weight loss goal.

Yoga & Nutrition Benefits

There are a lot of health benefits in yoga and eating right.

6 Beginner Yoga Starter Tips

1. Start With Loving Yourself
2. Release Stresses
3. Stretch Your Body
4. Breathe In and Out Slowly
5. Get Comfortable and Be Still
6. Try These 3 Yoga Poses Below

Do not worry about doing it right. Taking the first steps and repeating them is all that matters… 

Yoga Tips

Yoga Tips

Yoga Tips

We Help You Stay Healthy

Before and After - Testimonials

The distance between who YOU are now and who YOU want to be is only separated by what YOU do!

Jamie Wright

7 week progress. 25lbs down! I’ve noticed changes in my forearms this last week. I am starting to get lose skin on my arms and thighs, I work out 5 days a week so there’s nothing much more I can do but I started on collagen protein and it is helping. Thank you for all your support. We can do this!!!

Nicole Wells

I love the change. SW: 280 Weight after weight loss : 205 Weight currently pregnant with twins : 216
And after I have the babies, I know I can drop the weight back off with Darcel Tips.

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